Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Garden Ridge

I have to say that I'm not at all pleased with how Garden Ridge has remade itself. I used to be able to find anything there and now I can't.
They got rid of their whole arts & crafts section and filled it all in with fake potted plants. Now if I want any of that stuff I have to make an extra trip to Michael's. Their storage container section is greatly reduced now also to make way for 4 more rows of Bedding In A Bag. I'm NOT driving all the way to North Austin to get plastic boxes at The Container Store. Most of their cooking supplies are gone and I'm not going to Bed, Bath & Beyond because even with the 85 coupons that they send to me each month it's still too expensive there. Fortunately for them, what I needed this evening was bedding. They are down to only one side of a row of window treatments to make room for more pillows. Or maybe they just moved the pillows to make room for all that extra furniture that they sell now. Oh, it's just not the great store that it used to be. I don't see how carrying purses, shoes, clothes and luggage makes them a better Home Decor store.

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