Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fever and Little House

Giselle woke up this morning at 2 with a fever of 102. It hovered at that for most of the day but by 3 it had dropped to 100 and she was cleared to leave the bedroom. She got regular doses of 500 mg vitamin C, homeopathic Belladonna and Gelsemium, and the times that the fever got to 103 I gave her some Infant Tylenol Suspension Liquid. Although after talking to the nurse at the Pediatrician's office this afternoon, we will now use Junior Motrin Chewable Tablets instead (2 tablet dosage for Giselle). The nurse explained that it works quicker and lasts longer than Children's Tylenol. Joe picked the Motrin up along with some mango ice cream for her this afternoon when he went shopping with Thomas. Fortunately it's only a fever, nothing else.

So, to make good with our day stuck in bed we read the Little House book "These Happy Golden Years" but we alternated chapters of that with shorter books and stories that Paul picked out. That Little House book is so good. When Giselle went out to the living room at 3:30 to watch TV I stayed in the bedroom reading it. I want to go to the library and check out (and read) all of her other books.


Suz said...
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Suz said...

oh man. feel better, giselle. clifford has a fever today too. such a sad little guy. can i admit that i wish we were still nursing... nothing quite like that magic milk. (not sure how i deleted my comment the first time. sometimes i'm extremely blogger handicapped

KellyJean said...

We used the Prairie Primer curriculum one year when we were homeschooling. We all loved it!