Monday, January 28, 2008

Crocs, eBay, Playmobil and Best Of The West

I just ordered Joe some new Crocs. These are the Specialist Vent Crocs. I got them from the official site. Shipping is $10.00 but the prices are a little less than you pay elsewhere.
Zappos is not cheap.
I don't like shopping, even on-line.
I do like watching eBay auctions. I watch a lot of auctions but I don't bid in very many. Joe keeps offering to let me use his snipe program but so far I've held off. I did do a manual snipe of my own today and won because of it. Sniping is when you come in at the last second and put in your high bid and the auction closes before anyone else can up their bid.
I got part of Giselle's birthday present - I'm trying to get all of the Playmobil Fairy Tale Castle sets and the Unicorn sets. She's rather bummed that all of the Playmobil stuff available in the stores are the boy-oriented items - pirates, knights, construction - and the girl ones are only available online. She really likes the retired Victorian mansion but I'm NOT going to pay $300 for it, even if it IS fully furnished and includes the extra level! I let myself get outbid on one today that sold for $76 but it was only the basic mansion and it was unfurnished to boot.
Where am I going to put all of this?
I got a Paul a Best Of The West Geronimo with a horse the other day but I haven't received it yet. Once I get another horse I'll give Giselle her Jane and Josie along with it. I got those for her before Christmas but she doesn't know about them, she just sees my Jane and the horse that I gave myself for Christmas sitting on our dresser and she keeps asking to play with them. I keep telling her that if she would hurry up and lose another tooth then she would get some of the good stuff that I've got hidden away for her.
Paul really likes his GI Joes (especially Duke, the one that talks) but I think that he's much more involved with his pirates and knights for the time being. He and Giselle play together with their Playmobil stuff for hours each day.

Would you look at the time! I've got to get to bed, OH and get back to work on the laundry before that! Finishing the laundry, vacuuming, dishes, school, shopping and ballet on Monday!

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