Thursday, December 27, 2007


I used the last of our Finc Pura Vida eggs this morning making breakfast for some of the family. Joe had 3 of them with his 3 pieces of bacon, Giselle and Paul each had 2 of them with a patty of sausage, Thomas had a bowl of cereal (I think that it was the Hill Country Fair Brown Sugar Frosted Mini-Wheats), the dog had 2 eggs too - she gets the ones that have broken yolks. I had something but I don't remember what it was.
I'm supposed go get some from the store today so that we have some for tomorrow's breakfast but I haven't managed to get there yet.

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Anonymous said...

it's shelby i read your comment on donnas blog and was wondering how you feel about olympus cameras. i got the 410 for christmas and had been planning on getting the nikon d40 but i would love to hear from an olympus user.