Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I was so astounded by the fact that I had MORE THAN 400 visitors to this blog on Monday that I had to lay low for 2 days.
Yesterday, after we finished school at 1 pm, we went ice skating (indoors) for about 3 hours. Then we went looking for food, then we shopped for 10 minutes, then we actually ate food, then we went to go look at Christmas lights on 37th street. Then we drove around Central Austin looking for/at lights. Then we drove home and looked at more lights on the way. We stopped at Derick and Cyndi's house to look at their train. Then we finished driving home and I put the kids to bed. Then Paul woke up at 10 with a very horse cough so I went to bed.
Sorry about the boring post but my head is not 100% either - I think we caught this at the party on Saturday night.

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