Tuesday, November 20, 2007

wasted my time

It's time for me to go to bed but I used up all of my blog-writing time reading other people's blogs. I was looking for inspiration and affirmation and I pretty much got what I was looking for. Over the past few days I've found some new blogs to read and I'm still looking for more.

The day started miserably and it wasn't until dinnertime (7 pm) that it fully recovered. I dropped by Sonic on the way home from HEB and the kids ate grilled cheese and chicken strips while I steamed up the clams that I had bought at the store. They liked how they pop open when they are done cooking but didn't like how they tasted. They are TOTALLY enjoying playing with the now empty and cleaned clam shells! See, Paul has been going around for the last week playing with an old oyster shell that he has named Clammy. He found the shell on the beach this spring when we were in Jacksonville. So Clammy inspired me to buy some real clams and give Clammy a friend.
We joined Costco today.
That's about all I want to say about today. Joe will have to get an update some other way - oh, that's right, he was here to hear it all this morning so he doesn't need an update.
School is double tomorrow since we did close to none today and won't be doing any on Thanksgiving.

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