Wednesday, November 14, 2007

They are the Biscuit Brothers, welcome to their show

We went to Central Market Central this evening to see the Biscuit Brothers play two sets and buy their two new CDs - Family Favorites and Have a Merry Musical Christmas. As usual, we had a great time, the kids and I both sang along to all the songs that we knew and Giselle danced so much that her feet hurt. She took off her boots once we finally got to the car. If you have kids aged 8 and under you really need to own these guys' CDs and if your local PBS station doesn't carry their show then start sending letters until they do. If your PBS station DOES Carry their show then start watching it! This is American Music Appreciation at it's best!

After the show we played on the playground for about 20 minutes then we headed inside to see if they had any turkey parts worthy of buying. They didn't but we got some snacks for the drive home and headed to the car.
We didn't make it to the shoe store today and tomorrow we've got 1 - school, 2 - grocery shopping for a friend who just had baby #4 and needs a helping hand, 3 - a meeting with a leader applicant and then 4 - the monthly nighttime La Leche League meeting.

We got a lot of school done today but I forgot to read today's Story Of The World chapter. For that matter, I haven't used any of my B&N coupons yet either! Could someone else please lead tomorrow night's meeting for me?

I wore a different pair of earrings tonight - big silver butterflies that I've owned for over 25 years. I took them out when I got home but I didn't put any others in to fill the holes. PLEASE don't let me forget to put some in before I leave the house tomorrow. Leaving home without earrings in is just as bad a leaving the house with no makeup on, something else that I never do if I can help it. Ugh, naked ears!

I'm going to watch some TV, drink a few liters of water and then go to bed. Hopefully all before 11 pm.

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