Friday, November 16, 2007

stats and a test

We all seem to be in the mood to increase our site's stats so I thought that I'd help out some other bloggers by directing my 13 daily readers to their sites. I'm going to do this the complicated way so that everyone in the chain gets a hit on their site.

Country Doctor's Wife (go to her site through the link on my sidebar) has written a post (titled Private Parts or Tats on My Stats) about how much her stats have changed since she placed an ad on Confessions of a Pioneer Woman (go to her site through the link on my sidebar). In the comments for Country Doctor's Wife's post Kelly Jean tells about a neat site that will tell you what reading & comprehension level your blog is written on. You have to go to KellyJean's site (Laughing Always Helps) and read her post titled "I's juss not that smart..." to get to the link of her friend's blog that has the link to The Blog Readability Test on it. There, you enter the url of a blog or myspace page and it will tell you the readability level of that blog. It's fun. Go try it out for yourself!

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Activities Coordinator said...

You have 13 readers? Lucky you. I only have 6.