Tuesday, November 20, 2007

sorry and recipe for Asian Noodle Soup

no chance to post on Saturday day or night - We spent all morning and early afternoon at the Farmers Market and then we spent the rest of the afternoon over at my friend Ruth's place. She just had baby #4 and her husband & other kids were gone for the weekend so we went over to bring her some fresh produce from the market and to keep her company. Saturday night Paul woke up at 10:30 to throw-up all over himself and the bed. 3 hours and 2 more throw-ups later the three of us were back in bed asleep. Paul broke his fever during the night.

We skipped church on Sunday - I have a 'no throw-ups for 24 hours before you can go anywhere' rule - and Sunday afternoon Giselle threw-up. Paul was feeling fine so it was a struggle to get him to relax on the sofa. We didn't eat dinner but Giselle threw-up for the second time at 7:30 so that ruled out ballet lessons for her (and grocery shopping for me) on Monday. Since they hadn't really done anything all day that would tire them out, I read The Long Winter to them for an hour until 8:45 and then made them go to sleep. Her fever broke at about 3 or 4 am on Monday.

So today we had the spelling test that we didn't do yesterday, we completed 4 pages from Connect With Words (we usually do only 3 a day but there's that holiday on Thursday to contend with), wrote a sentence each for this week's spelling words, read 2 chapters from Story Of The World (17 & 18) and completed 5 pages from Total Math.

And I got another 1/2 case of tomatoes sauced up and canned today. The kids said that it tasted as good as the Prego Organic sauce that I buy and that's quite a compliment coming from Giselle since she WAY prefers the store-bought sauce over the homemade sauce that I canned up last year. But in my defense, those 2 batches were the very first time that I had ever tried canning anything and I hadn't ever made sauce entirely from scratch (using fresh tomatoes instead of canned) either. Once again, Paul was angry at me for using up all of the big tomatoes but he was a little happier when I reminded him about the 8 lb bowl of grape tomatoes sitting on the table. And I got the 2 lbs of fajita chicken breasts frozen individually for future use. I've got a ton (not literally) of pipian and ayote squash to take care of. I'll turn some into a side dish for Thanksgiving and the rest will have to go into the freezer. I've got something like 8 gallons of it in the freezer already so it's a good thing that I throw it into almost every meal that I cook.
For instance, I diced-large/chopped-small half of an ayote squash and put it into our Asian noodle soup for dinner tonight.
Kyoto brand organic soba noodles & soup mix prepared with 4 to 6 cups of water with a cup of mixed frozen veggies, some Wakami seaweed, the ayote squash and some oyster sauce all cooked together for a quick and nutritious dinner. I usually add more mixed veggies and sometimes some more soba noodles but since the kids' stomachs might have still been tender I wanted this soup to be more broth than solids.

Tomorrow we've got to get that pre-Thanksgiving grocery shopping done AND join Costco AND get school done AND take some fresh produce over to Marie AND clean the house some more (I vacuumed the living room this afternoon during a commercial/bathroom break). I better get off of here and get to bed. After I bookmark some items that I want to buy on Amazon.

BTW, I never got a chance to use ANY of my B&N coupons!!

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