Thursday, November 08, 2007

self control

I've lost 4 pounds since Halloween but I so badly want to dive into the back-stock bag hidden in the pantry. I'm going to stay away though, I'm not even going to finish off my once-giant bag of dried cranberries. Maybe I'll have some baby carrots, oh but that might freak out the dog. Then again maybe not, she did go for a run around the block this evening with Thomas, Paul and me so maybe she'll be a bit calmer than she has been lately.

In writing that last sentence I noticed a 'Frequently Misused Word' that was NOT listed in Giselle's school work for this week - the words THAN and THEN (this week in our schoolbook we learned the proper usage for many misused words).
Here's a mini lesson for y'all right off the top of my head.

Use THAN when you are comparing items.
Examples: I would rather read blogs THAN fold the laundry. Park Day is more important to me THAN going out to dinner.

Use THEN when you are talking about what comes next.
Examples: I'm going to read some blogs THEN I'm going to watch this week's episode of ER. Giselle ate dinner THEN she went to play at Jessie's house.

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