Monday, November 26, 2007

less meat please

Last night at dinner the two kids both commented that they are really tired of all the meat that we've been eating lately and they requested that I stop cooking meat so often, please, effective immediately. Well, as soon as they were done eating the pork roast that I just served them. Although this afternoon Paul asked for deli-sliced chicken (meaning turkey) on his quesadilla, he only ate half of it. Giselle wanted cheese only.
So today at HEB I only bought salmon for Joe & Thomas, no shrimp or mahi mahi for the kids. I even double checked with Paul and he said "No more meat!" Tonight for dinner I cooked the salmon for Thomas while I heated up leftover dressing, leftover mashed potatoes and new mixed veggies with the leftover green beans added in. I called the kids for dinner and they whined "But we didn't want leftovers! Except for the stuffing, oh, and the green beans, oh and the peas-carrots-corn that we asked for." Paul didn't want his stuffing and Giselle didn't want her potatoes. The dog wanted it all; she got all the the plate leftovers and the skin from the salmon so she was happy. Joe didn't want any of it so he went out to eat with one of his friends. Thomas was full from the lunch he didn't want so he could only eat his salmon. That meant that I had to finish off the last of the dressing - too bad!
Tomorrow the dog gets the gravy and leftover turkey for breakfast.
I need to give her her pee pill, actually it's her no-pee pill, and go to bed.
See ya!

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