Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm really going to bed now!

I stayed up too late looking at shoes on . Yes, I still haven't bought any BUT Thomas was at DSW with his girlfriend this weekend and said that they have some shoes that looked like what I'm interested in. So I might drag the kids there tomorrow after we are done with school. Or I may be super nice and leave them at Marie's house while I go shop ALONE! Mmmm, no. Paul is still my little pee-boy. (Sorry Joe, I'm just telling the truth or as PW would say "Just Keepin' It Real". BTW, is there anyone out there NOT reading Pioneer Woman?) Oh, but since Paul isn't consistent in his continence I'm not leaving him at anybody's house without me staying with him, so I guess that he'll go shopping with me. He seems to enjoy it for now so I don't mind it too much either.

I'm drinking a liter of water and then I'm done for the night.
See you in the daylight!

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