Saturday, November 03, 2007


I have a rare-for-me headache right now. It's not from eating candy - I haven't had any today. It's not from needing dinner - I had homemade Asian Noodle Soup and some sliced bell peppers w/ dip. It's not from needing water - I drank a liter 40 min ago and it's still here. I took some homeopathic drops for it and it helped for about 15 min but it's back full force now. Oh well, I'll drink some more water and tough on through it - I've had it since about 5 this evening.

As soon as I put Giselle to bed at 8:04 I turned all the clocks in the house back an hour so it would REALLY feel like the kids went to bed at 7 PM. Paul actually chose to go to bed rather than finish his supper a half hour earlier so he was already asleep when Giselle went in. He was beat. In addition to our usual hard-work-at-the-market Saturday, we also went to the annual Indian Pow Wow immediately afterwards for 2 hours. Lots of walking after lots of working makes for tired kids. They'll need that extra hour tonight and, once again, thank goodness for blackout curtains on the bedroom windows!

I've got a bag of okra that needs to be cut up and frozen as well as 25 pounds of Ayote squash - both before I go to bed. No extra tomatoes for me this week but I've been assured that there will be plenty next week. So no canning this week.

I still haven't watched ER on TiVo yet.


The Dairy Wife said...

I wonder if your headache is from too much MSG in the asian food? That happens to me .. and I love Chinese food and Asian food.

Take a break today!


poetmom said...

I have a whole bunch of homeopathic remedies. I have to use the Materia Medica sometimes to figure out which one I need. But like you, they only seem to last a short time.