Monday, November 05, 2007

another whew

Got up at 7:15 because Paul got busted for drawing on the playroom door frame. Helped him clean that up.
7:30 Swept all the sawdust off of the back porch and cleaned up all the plywood pieces - Joe spent the last several days making and installing a floor in the attic, Thomas helped.
8:00 Got breakfast for the kids, they took it outside to eat while I watered some VERY parched potted plants.
8:45 Came inside and worked on some mortgage stuff.
9:30 Moderated a fight between the kids.
10:00 Gave Giselle her spelling test, she got a 100%.
10:05 Giselle worked on some simple math while Paul stayed in the bedroom while I worked on more mortgage stuff.
12:30 Fed the kids lunch - yogurt for Paul and quesadilla for Giselle and half a loaf of Whole Wheat Walnut & Raisin bread for Joe and leftover soup for me.
1 pm The kids played while I worked on more mortgage stuff.
2:45 Giselle got ready for ballet while Paul cleaned the playroom and Joe broke a toe.
3:15 Joe took Giselle to ballet while I worked on more mortgage stuff.
4:15 I picked Giselle up from ballet and took care of mortgage stuff at the same time.
5:15 I dropped Giselle off to play at Jessie's house while I worked on more mortgage stuff and Paul watched Bindi the Jungle Girl.
6 pm I started on dinner while Thomas washed the dishes and Paul watched more Bindi.
6:20 I picked up Giselle (good thing I brought the flashlight cause it was really dark!) and came home to finish making dinner.
6:39 We ate dinner.
7:10 The kids and I went to Marie's to celebrate Luke's birthday for 2 hours until 9.
9:10 I put the kids to bed and went back to work on mortgage stuff.
9:30 Took a break to watch Rules of Engagement on TiVo with Joe.
9:50 Went back to work on mortgage stuff.
10:30 Finally stopped working on mortgage stuff and started reading blogs.
11:30 About to go to bed.
11:34 Grossed myself out on leftover chocolate icing from Luke's cupcakes.

Tomorrow is another day!
I'll empty all the trash cans if the garbage men haven't come yet, water the plants on the back porch, moderate a fight, work on mortgage stuff off and on all day, conduct some school, feed some people 3 meals, maybe do the grocery shopping, finish the laundry from Sunday and today, vacuum the house, clean the bathrooms, maybe take a break over at Marie's in the late afternoon, get the kids to bed by 7 pm (with daylight savings they're getting up at 7 am again and they need at least 11.5 hours of sleep a night), oh, and I really need to take care of my mending pile!

11:45 REALLY going to bed now! Well, after spellcheck and publishing.
Good Night!

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poetmom said...

A full day indeed...makes me tired just reading that.:)