Thursday, March 01, 2007

yep, it's still winter here

Still a normal crazy winter here and while I love it, it's still wacky for my plants to have a 35 to 40 degree temperature change from night to day every day. Today it was in the high 60's and tonight it'll be down to 35. Tomorrow it'll be 75 for the high and 40 for the low. Then 61 and 33, then 66 and 33 again, then 71 and 39. And while you might say "Why that's a change of only a bit over 30 degrees." But to that I answer "My plants are in a green house on the Southwest side of our house and when the temp out at the airport is 70 on a sunny day that means that it's like 90 in the greenhouse." So, I could take the plants out of the greenhouse and let them get frosted (NOT GOING TO HAPPEN) or I can leave the door to the greenhouse open all the time to get them a little cooler in the day and sheltered from the cold at night. This is what I go through every late winter but I know in my heart that I can NOT take down the greenhouse until AFTER March 15 so I shouldn't even bother thinking about it. Oh well, in 2 weeks it will all be over and the greenhouse will be down until Thanksgiving weekend which is when we put it up each year since our first hard frost is shortly thereafter. Yep, just call me weather girl; most of my friends already do!

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