Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Life Lesson for Kids

The other week after a meal at Marie's the kids asked me to tell them a story. I made up a true-life story about 5 kids playing at the park. Their names were changed to make it more fun. Here's the part of the story (for the most part) about the older three kids.
The 3 friends were playing at the park and then some older kids came along and started bothering them. The were calling them names and telling them that they didn't know anything about anything. But the 3 friends knew in their hearts that the words spoken by the older kids were not true and so they said to the older kids "We know that what you are saying isn't true. You're mean and we aren't going to listen to you." Then the 3 friends went back to playing their game. But the older kids kept bothering them; calling them names and trying to make them feel bad about themselves. The 3 friends said to each other "We know in our hearts that what they are saying is not true and we don't have to listen to them!" Then the three friends said to the older kids "We aren't listening to you and we aren't going to play with you because you're mean and that's not how you're supposed to treat people." and then they walked away to play somewhere else.
It doesn't matter what words other people call you if you know in your heart that their words are wrong.

Dr Laura has a good post on this same subject.

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