Monday, February 26, 2007

crawfish in the pool

It's fresh crawfish season again in the South so that means that we once again have a kiddie pool full of 2 dozen live crawfish in the backyard.
So at this point most of you are saying "oh, they're going to have a boil. I wonder if I'll be invited." First off, 2 dozen crawfish would barely feed one full-sized male. Second, these crustaceans are in a pool filled with 3 inches of de-chlorinated water and several rock caves for them to hide in. Yes, these crawfish are not for eating they are for playing with and then releasing in our local creek in a few days. We'll do this every week during crawfish season and then eagerly await it's return next year. Last year when we were releasing one of our batches we caught some BABY crawfish in our net! They were about 3/4 of an inch long and clear. I just hope that there is still water in the creek for these guys to be released into! And before I get razzed for releasing them not in their native area - this creek is a toad/mosquito/dragonfly creek NOT a fish creek since it doesn't have a true origin other than water runoff from all the surrounding neighborhoods.


Jamie said...

Where do you get the crawfish? I clicked on your links, but didn't see where you may have purchased them.
Thanks for any info!

Natalie said...

HEB, they get them in on Thursdays with the intent of selling them all out by Sunday afternoon so it's actually rare that they still have them when we go shopping on Mondays. Just under $3/lb and there's about 2 dozen per pound - they aren't the giant ones yet.

Jamie said...

Thanks for the HEB tip. Thursday evening we went to the new HEB and called the old HEB and then c alled Central Market and NONE of them have any crawfish.

We are so sad!!!