Tuesday, November 21, 2006


So Suzanne complained to me about me needing to post more often because she checks every day and is bummed when there is nothing new posted. The funny thing is that I do the same thing - I check my blog every day and wonder why there is nothing new posted!

It's insane here currently - closing on one house in less than 2 weeks, maybe another by the end of the year, getting ready for Thanksgiving here not at a friend's house, getting school done every day, getting the green house up before it really frosts, getting 2 weeks of laundry washed AND put away, getting rid of a crib-full of clothes leftover from the homeschool clothes swap (Suzanne what size are the kids wearing?), cleaning up play-dough every morning in the playroom, getting the yard ready for winter, thinking about what the heck is going on for Christmas and how I'm going to shop for Giselle (the girl who wants EVERYTHING - well not really, just more Bitty Baby stuff, an American Girl (I say not till she's 8), more Polly Pockets, more My Tiny Pets, and a Yorkie puppy), getting all the last of the summer/fall produce frozen and put in the freezer, and did I mention closing on 2 houses?

But just as I was shutting down the kitchen for the night (oops I forgot to tend to the 2 sinks full of dishes from lunch - we had a visitor (Gayla got off of the farm for the day and dropped by for a visit) and I made spaghetti w/ a killer sauce - Giselle had 3 servings) Giselle & Paul came dancing out of the bedroom and proceeded to ballroom dance around the living room for 5 min. I got some on video. It was a nice end to a crazy day.

Oh, and the guy at the HEB checkout charged me for 2 books of stamps but only gave me one. I only asked for one so I didn't notice until I was checking the receipt 15 minutes ago that I paid for 2. They said to just come buy the Business Center and they'll give me the 2nd book.

We hit WalMart & HEB today but we still have to go to Bark N Purr tomorrow to get more dog food and to Wheatsville for our biweekly shopping there and maybe even to Whole Foods if Wheatsville doesn't have Turkey parts. Oh, and HEB to get my other stamps!

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