Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ice Skating on the Roof returns

For the 2nd year, this time from yesterday until January 14!! Whole Foods Market : Stores : Austin


Jamie said...

I know! I'm so excited to take Kayla this year, but I cannot believe the increased the price to $10/person, all ages. I hope she likes it for that amount of $!

Natalie said...

but I think that with the increased price that they have eliminated the 'you can only skate for one hour' rule. Or at least they better have!

Natalie said...

I stand corrected - I just looked at the site and yes it certainly is $10 for 45 min of skating!!!!!!
Oh my goodness, I'm so NOT shelling out $30 for the 3 of us to go skating for 45 min.
The rink at Northcross Mall is $6 admission w/ $4 for skates BUT you can skate all day if you want.