Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween 2006

New-camera issues but it's us: Joe the candy giver, Natalie the trick-or-treat escort, Cinderella Giselle and Biscuit Brother Paul.

As we do every year, we carved pumpkins that were big enough for the kids to fit inside - one weighed 33 lbs the other weighed 31 lbs and they were both 47 inches around.

They ate all the candy they could last night and again this morning after breakfast then even before lunch they traded what was left for a stuffed dog and a pull-string powered truck. After dinner Giselle regretted her decision to trade in her candy so quickly for about 2 minutes - I had originally told them that we wouldn't do the trade until tonight but they insisted on doing it this morning.


Wahlau-eh said...

were some of these pictures made by the Olympus 720SW? just curious about the quality of the camera... thank you.

Natalie said...

Good camera - it was recommended to us by a friend who is a pro-am photographer who bought one for himself. It can be quirky - image stabilization doesn't seem to work in night mode - but it's no too steep of a learning curve - you just have to read the advanced manual twice through. It's shockproof to a drop of 5 feet and it can be used in the rain/under water. You can continue to shoot while your previous image is still loading. It takes good video but I think I'm having issues with battery charge life - I've had to charge it twice already and I really don't do a lot of shooting - I might have to contact Olympus.