Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Abundant Green Bounty Of Finca Pura Vida

This is a shot of one of Finc Pura Vida's tables at the Sunset Valley Farmer's Market 2 weeks ago. On the other tables we had: Bok Choy ($2/bunch), Diakon Radish ($2/bunch), turnips ($2/bunch), Burgundy okra ($3/lb), green okra ($3/lb, Calafornia Wonder bell peppers ($4/lb), rendered organic lard ($3 sm jar, $5 large), Black Beauty eggplant ($3/lb), Rosa Bianca eggplant ($3/lb), French Breakfast radish ($2/bunch), Black plum tomatoes ($3/basket), Big Boy tomatoes($2/lb), Ayote squash ($1.50/lb), organic beef, organic pork, organic raw milk, organic chicken eggs ($3.50/dzn), organic fresh whole turkey ($4.50/lb), Lebanese cucumbers (sale $2/lb), and I think that's it. Of course everything is certified organic. Oh, the Arugula label got cut off of the picture (it's $6/lb) and all the greens are $2/bunch also. The herbs are $1/bunch!

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Jamie said...

Wow, I didn't know there were such great deals there. I'll have to check that booth out next time I go!