Saturday, October 14, 2006

Yeah, if you call tasting and smelling like mold to be unusual!

Algae may affect water taste, odor; City water supply safe to drink
For Immediate Release – October 11, 2006
AUSTIN--- Austin Water Utility (AWU) officials want customers who notice any unusual taste and odor in their tap water to know that their drinking water is completely safe.
A similar taste and odor fluctuation resulted from a blue green algae die-off in the City's raw water supply in October 2004, and AWU officials believe the same cycle is occurring now. The 2004 episode lasted about two weeks.
"The water is absolutely safe to drink," said Jane Burazer, AWU Assistant Director for Treatment, adding "The algae bloom is a product of weather conditions, as well as river conditions."
She said AWU is feeding powdered activated carbon at its drinking water treatment plants in an attempt neutralize compounds that cause taste and odor variances.
"AWU will continue to monitor and test water from the lakes as it is treated and distributed to our customers," Burazer said. Check the Austin Water Utility web site: for updates as they become available.

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