Tuesday, October 17, 2006

So I have this pair of shoes that is now, hmmmm, 24 years old. I wore them to church on Sunday and thought that I'd take a picture of them. Well, I didn't really wear them to church - I wore them to the playground at church where Paul and I play while Giselle is at Sunday School. So the shoes, I bought them to wear with a teal taffeta dress that I bought to wear to my sister Joan's wedding in the Fall/Winter of 1982. I was the maid of honor! I recycled the dress for my Jr/Sr Prom the following Spring. Of course for that I wore my black patent leather shoes and a fuchsia taffeta sash instead of the teal sash I wore at the wedding. I've managed to keep these shoes when all other 'old' shoes have been given away because I didn't like them any more or chewed on by a dog or worn out beyond all use. I like these shoes and I'll be crushed when they wear out. Oh wait, I do have a pair of red lamb leather heels that I bought in 1984 that I still have too! It's neat to see Giselle dress up in my shoes just like I used to do with my mom's shoes, although my mom had WAY more shoes than I have now.

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