Wednesday, August 02, 2006

An Analysis Of The Hours Of Daylight In A Day

While Austin has the same amount of daytime hours ANNUALLY as Cancun, NY City and Newport News, the hours are allotted differently DAILY (Sorry but when I did this last month I didn't include CA). Please see the attached data and graphs for a more detailed explanaition. The real answer is that on June 15, 2006 the sun will rise at 5:23 EST in NYC and at 5:45 EST in Mathews, VA and at 7:28 CST in Austin (8:28 EST) - a full 3 hours later! BUT sunset is an hour earlier in NYC/VA than here - but I'm usually putting the kids to bed in an artificially darkened room in the evening so I no longer have a true sense of when the sun sets here.

Remember, I used to be a number cruncher for a living.

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