Friday, July 28, 2006

The Ow That Keeps on Hurting

My son recently bumped his head and split his forehead open. No stitches needed but it's been a nightmare - I butterflied it but forgot to apply antibiotic, so I got bullied into taking him to the ER 6 hrs later. The ER botched the Dermabond application so it got infected 2 days later, the Ped didn't remove the Dermabond but gave us antibiotics to kill the infection from the inside. He bumped it again a week later and reopened it (still under the Dermabond) but the Ped said at least there will now be a real scab. The Dermabond came off another week later and now, over 3 weeks since the initial accident, there is still a tiny scab. The scar needs to be covered from the sun for 2 years. We just got the bill from the ER and after insurance it's going to be over $900, although I'm planning on protesting the bill .
I feel guilty about it happening to him while I was out of the room. I feel guilty for not taking him to the Ped right away instead of taking care of it myself. I feel guilty for costing us all this money because I forgot to use some disinfectant/antibiotic. I feel guilty that he'll have a scar because I screwed up several times in a row.

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Suz said...

don't feel guilty. kids just get hurt all the time. and we never ever know what the right thing is or was to do until way too late. cliff has at least 4 big bruises on his head. and he fell on the bricks and bonked twice more tonight. but he doesn't want us to help him. he wants to crawl solo on the hard ground. and as hard as we try to spot him every second, it's darn near impossible. all we can do is try. and give them tons of kisses when they get hurt. xoxo