Thursday, July 20, 2006

Nothing New

Paul's head lac is healing as nice as can be expected - a tragedy of errors! Someday I'll stop mouthing off about it and write it down, but not today.

Giselle keeps getting sick because she keeps sticking her hands in her mouth to play with her wobbly tooth (no it's not THAT wobbly, but she is 5 and it's her first so I got to give her a break). She's on her second virus in 2 weeks. I guess we could stop going to all the music shows (Biscuit Brothers, Sara Hickman, Joe McDermott) so she would stop getting exposed but then she wouldn't be getting exposed (immunity building right?) and we'd be really bored since we can't go to the pool until Paul's head is better (talk about a cesspool of germs).

It's now 4 weeks later and Joe is almost all the way recovered from his wisdom teeth removal. No jokes about him being less smart now - I tried and he didn't laugh. He still has to irrigate the holes after every meal but he can drink cold raspberry tea again. He has to go fight our property tax appraisal tomorrow morning. I'll post more about that another time maybe.

I've felt burnt out regarding park day for several weeks - this will be the 4th one in a row that we've bailed on. Maybe it's the heat or maybe it's my kids or maybe it's the lack of other kids there to play with my kids. I don't know. I do know that my kids have not missed not going. The farmers market was sooo hot last week, I think it was hotter than usual 'cause I was sweating A LOT. We won't stay the whole time this week because my niece is in town visiting and I'm not going to put her through a whole day at the market. I guess I'll have to pay for my food this time instead of working for it.
A kid just woke up, gotta go!

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