Thursday, June 08, 2006

of family trips, weddings and pools part 2

The rehearsal started late, the dinner started late. The food was WONDERFUL, I wish I had the name of the caterer. Not like I could use them since I'm in TX and they are in VA...
After dinner there was a sweet video slide show about the bride & groom projected on the side of a barn. And there were mosquitoes the size of my head!!!!!! Well, not really That big, but they were easily 3 times the size of our Texas mosquitoes. After the slide show folks were getting up and talking so with some prodding/encouragement Giselle got up and thanked the bride for asking her to be the flower girl. It was full night by the time we left. The kids and I were up and out of the house at 6 am - did I mention that the sun rises earlier on the east coast? Well it does - I did a statistical analysis on it when I got back to TX and I proved that it does - 3 hours earlier to be exact!
We had to be at the wedding place around noon so Giselle could try on her dress - perfect fit, no adjustments needed. Then we had to be back at 3:30 for dressing and pictures and the wedding and the reception and Giselle's birthday celebration. We were on time but everything else was late. The wedding was perfect - Giselle got lost on her way down the aisle twice and the bride fainted halfway through the ceremony (she hadn't eaten all day). Did I mention that the Mid-Atlantic region is usually 85 degrees and 90% humidity this time of year? The ceremony lasted a full hour (and they aren't even catholic!) but Giselle the trooper stood perfectly the whole time!!!
Once again the food was incredible, no, more than incredible, it was stupendous!
Once the music started, Giselle left the dancefloor only once the whole night - to blow out the candles on her birthday cake and eat half a piece of it. She danced with her dad for quite a while - it was a moment that he's dreamed of his whole life. We had to leave before it was all over since it was after 10 and the kids were starting to melt emotionally and physically - it was pretty gross humid.
We lit our wedding sparklers and some other fireworks the following night out on the beach with my brother Vlad (and got eaten alive by some more of those giant mosquitoes).
next time POOLS

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