Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Where did the last 48 hours go?

I know we went grocery shopping yesterday at Wheatsville, Sam's and HEB (the loser checkout lady only gave me 2 Buddy Bucks for spending $40, they SHOULD give you 1 buck for every $10 you spend) but I can't seem to figure out what happened to the rest of the day. 
I read in the Wall Street Journal about Martha Stewart still having to serve 5 months of jail time and 5 months of in-house detention, she is so unfairly being made a scapegoat!  I'll bet that Ken Lay (of Enron infamy) will get less time than she did.
I bought some okra that I need to cut up and freeze and some more chicken thighs for the dog to freeze too but I seem to always have a sleeping baby in my arms.
This morning we went to a La Leche League meeting for moms of nursing toddlers in way far away northwest Austin - 25 miles each way.  It was a good meeting but I'm not going to do that drive again!  Fortunately they are starting one about 10 miles closer to us.
The 3 of us actually napped today and afterwards we went to go play at our friend's house in Dripping Springs for 4 hours.  We got home past bedtime, fortunately Anita fed us while we were at her house so dinner wasn't an issue.  Sophie is one year older than Giselle but they have so much fun together and they could pass for sisters, they look that similar.  They swam in the neighbor's pool, played with their dolls, dressed up in ballet dresses and danced around the house and played on Sophie's new playscape. 
Tomorrow morning we get to go see SARA!!!!   We LOVE Sara!!

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