Thursday, July 22, 2004

Thursday already?

Another 8:30 day.  The kids swung in the front yard for a bit.  Giselle and I caught mosquito larvae in the back for a while while Paul napped, Charlie was quite happy.  Bagged up some frozen fresh okra for the winter.  Froze some mango slices for future smoothies (Belinskies).  Made a loaf of zucchini/carrot bread.  Paul and Giselle played with blocks together.  Paul has perfected going from his belly/on all 4's to a sit, still not really crawling - more like lunging.  Played in the sprinkler over at Juliana's for 4 hours.  Well not in the sprinkler for 4 hours but over at Juliana's for 4 hours.  They fed us zucchini bread that is superior to mine.  On the way home heard rumor of a coyote that is taking out neighborhood cats. 
Tomorrow is park day again, this week we are doing it at a different park that has a pool.

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