Sunday, July 18, 2004

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

So, for the second night in a row the kiddos went to sleep at 7:30, wow! 
Yesterday we hit the
fabric store in the afternoon and bought some dress materials since they are having their "Christmas in July" clearance sale.  We'll go back again and get more things when I remember to bring my 10% off coupon! 
This afternoon we went to a friend's 6 year birthday party, it started at 2 and we left at 6:30!  They live just around the corner so we drove the golf cart over, it's really handy for things like that!  There was one of those giant inflatable bouncey things and 2 large kiddie pools and bubbles and a pinata and snacks and cake.  I let Giselle have a small piece of cake, someone asked her if she liked it and she said 'no'.  All the candy that she grabbed up out of the pinata she said was for Daddy.  It's been sunny and hot every day for the last 2 weeks except for today, which actually worked out good - we didn't have to use sunscreen!  Joe is off seeing
'I, Robot' with some friends right now at the Alamo.
Oops, Paul is looking for me in the bed so I gotta run.........

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