Saturday, July 24, 2004

Sabado Gigante (big saturday)

Up at 8:15 or so I think.  Fed Charlie and then fed ourselves. 
We left for the Westlake Farmers Market at 10:45 where we were to meet up with Suzi at about 11.  It took us longer than usual to find a parking spot so we didn't get to the appointed meeting spot until 11:20.  Suzi wasn't there yet and we missed the Circus Chicken Dog so we got a small bag of Kettle Corn (Giselle doesn't like it so it's all mine!) and went back to the entrance to see the collie puppies for sale.  We met Suzi on the way and proceeded to shop together.  We got our usual 8 lb bag of scratch n dent peaches for $6, 7 japanese eggplant for $3, a cup of lemonade since we were pretty hot and sweaty, and a jar of peach salsa.  We skipped the lemon/blueberry bread and the pickled beets and pickled okra this time around. 
We dropped by Taco Bell on the way home for some beans and rice and a bean & rice burrito and ate them at home.
Then we rushed out of the house to get to the Faulk Library downtown at 2 to see the final summer reading program family event for the summer: The Colors of Africa with Elizabeth Kahura.  Giselle even got up and participated in the dress-up portion.  Afterwards she showed me how to tie Paul up on my back in a modified sling hold.  We then combed the shelves for more books to read and ended up checking out about 12, mostly Quentin Blake and 'Henry & Mudge'.
Then we went back South to go to Joann Fabrics for the final weekend of their July sale.  On the way we dropped by Pumpkin Patch since they had a bike trailer out front that I wanted to price.  The kids were both asleep at this point but I still drove on down to the fabric store.  We got to the store about 4:30 and got out of there around 6:30 but got a lot of neat stuff!
We got home, made some pasta and ate it for dinner.  Joe ate a pepperoni/green peppers/onion pizza from Domino's (they just had their IPO this last week) and then ran off to work on a computer network for several hours (still gone now).  We then watched some Crocodile Hunter (or as Giselle refers to him 'the guy who catches alligators'), read a story and went to bed.  Paul fell asleep in my arms during TV time.  Since Giselle napped at 4 we had to stay up a bit later than usual.  Now for me to have my before-bed snack, read the paper and then join the kids in bed. 
Tomorrow we are supposed to go to a picnic but I don't know...

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