Wednesday, July 21, 2004


We woke up around 8:15, washed everyone's hair, sewed on a snap, got dressed and rushed off at 9:15 to see Sara at Symphony Square (that place smells like pee).  The show started at 10 but she didn't sing until 10:15 and was only allowed 20 min so she sang like only 5 songs.  We waited in line afterwards and got our hugs and kisses and sticker and a yellow bracelet - Sara loves Giselle and she gives her a trinket of some sort after every show.  Giselle did some gluing at a craft table and played with some real clay while Paul nursed and napped.  Giselle insisted on having beans and rice and eggs at a restaurant for lunch so we ate at Kerby Lane on South Lamar on the way home.  We relaxed for an hour or so then we had to go get Joe the Niquil that we forgot to get earlier.  We also swung by Goodwill to pay too much for some dress-up clothes for Giselle.  While at HEB Giselle spied a cow that she wanted and the price was right so we bought it (this time they gave me 3 Buddy Bucks for spending $10).  After we got home we met the neighbor's new dog, Archie, then ate dinner while reading yesterday's paper, changed into our bed clothes, read a story (tonight it was The Market Square Dog) and went to sleep at 8:45.  I got back up, ate a bowl of cereal, washed some dishes, fed the fish, got Paul out of bed 'cause he was hungry again and now here I am.

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