Monday, July 26, 2004

bada badadada monday monday

Awake at 8, out of the room at 8:30. I swear that we will get an early start on our grocery shopping today. Breakfast for everyone; Green Juice for me, some Green Juice and some granola with soy milk* for Giselle, breast milk for Paul, frosted mini-wheats with cow milk for Joe, frosted mini-wheats with cow milk and leftover pepperoni/gp/onion pizza for the dog. Did up the shopping list, wrote some checks to pay bills since today is the first mailing day after the 25th of the month, fed Paul a few more times, played some games on the computer with Giselle while Paul napped and didn't leave the house until noon! So much for the early start!
Went to Garden Ridge to find a box for Giselle to keep all of her special trinkets in. Got that and some silk azaleas for her to play with. Got out at 1 pm.
Went to Wheatsville and got our usual stuff and 4 bags of Spud Puppies (organic tater tots - they were on sale). Giselle and I shared a pint of organic blueberry sorbet while sitting in the back of the Odyssey, last week it was Mango! Pulled out of the parking lot at 3 pm
Came back South to our HEB to get the rest of our things and by the time we got out of there it was 4:30 pm.
Called Pumpkin Patch back to tell them that I didn't want the bike trailer that I put on hold on Saturday. I checked on eBay on Sunday and saw that I can get one in better condition for less money.
Put away the groceries. Put the fresh (from the farmers market on Sat) frozen peaches from the kitchen freezer into gallon bags and put them into the chest freezer in the garage/playroom. Opened the packages of Tofu Dogs (they were on sale too) and put them on a tray to freeze them individually for later consumption. Kept out one and cooked it up for Giselle for dinner, I had a Boca Burger.
Giselle watched one episode of The Planet's Funniest Animals and they went to bed at 8:30. I finished making Giselle's Treasure Box - Joe called me Martha Stewart because I was using a glue gun, I took it as a compliment. He's out seeing CatWoman with a friend right now.
Gotta run, I gotta eat some before I go to bed.

*we saw a comedian on TV recently who commented that soy milk should really be called soy juice since they don't have breasts and it isn't really milk. But he theorized that no one would buy it if it was called soy juice.

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