Saturday, July 31, 2004

Saturday Afternoon Update

I'm having a picnic in the living room with Giselle and one of her bears while Paul crawls around the kitchen and Joe takes a nap.
We went to Slaughter Creek Park as usual yesterday, got there at 12:30 and left at 4. We went to Dick Nichols Pool afterwards but they had just shut down for 30 min cause they heard thunder. We've played that game before (thunder, wait 30 min, open pool for 5 min, hear thunder again, wait 30 min, open pool for 5 min, see lighting and hear thunder, close pool...) and weren't going to again. Our neighbors were napping and couldn't play so we went on home and played in the inflatable pool in the front yard for a bit.
Dinner, books and kids asleep by 7:55. Paul woke up at 8:30 so I went to feed him and next thing I know I wake up and it's 11:30. I guess I needed the extra sleep. I was awake from 4 to 5 am so I ate some food and read the paper a bit.

from Friday's Wall Street Journal Weekend section

Think It, But Don't Say It Out Loud
In Boston, they shout liberal beliefs. In a small town, they whisper conservative ones.
OpinionJournal - Taste

Thursday, July 29, 2004

TIVO is a good thing

The kids are asleep, Joe is out with some old friends that are back in town for a visit and I'm about to watch some of my favorite show saved for me courtesy of TIVO:
My So-Called Life
I so wish that this show had continued longer than one season!
This is all for tonight

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Paul and I got up at 8, Giselle slept in until 8:30 or 8:45.  I drank some juice and was outside by 9 to mow the lawn while the kids played inside, done by 9:45 - front, top back, and side.  MaGee and PaGee came over at 10 to play and left around noon.  We ate a leisurely lunch of leftover Asian noodle soup and got dressed for the final Sara Hickman library show of the summer.  We left the house at 1:20 and got to the library at 1:40 - plenty of time to hang out before the show.  Unfortunately, the show was at 1 pm not 2 pm like I thought (too bad I can't read) and we got there as Sara was giving out stickers, hugs and high 5's.  She had her kids Lily and Iolana with her so Giselle gave them the stickers that we had made for them and I gave Sara some of the green crepe de sheen that we used to make our Summer of Sara box.  Sara gave Giselle a way cool old bell on a leather rope, it has the most awesome tone!  We checked out MORE books and turned in our Summer Reading Program charts for our free books.  On the way home we stopped by Albertson's for some diapers that HEB didn't carry (we don't usually go there as the normal clientele at our local Albertson's scares me).  Jennifer called from Massachusetts where she is living these days.  We sat on the sofa and read all of our Harold and the Purple Crayon books and some others too.  We played in the front yard for a while - Paul crawled around in the grass while Giselle pushed me in the swing.  Ate dinner - blackeyed peas, okra, tomatoes and rice - watched TV and went to bed.  Now Joe and I are watching some show on A&E about Geraldo Rivera.  I'm still not sure about him (Geraldo).
It's late, I gotta go to bed!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Extended Nursing

I got a link to this article from a Yahoo Group I'm on. For the record, there is currently no end in sight for Giselle to stop nursing and she is delighted to be able to share 'comida' with her younger brother.

Floridian: When it's time to let go


if you love someone so much it hurts...

If you love your partner so much that it hurts then you should buy this album. Sara has recorded songs about love and being with the one that you love that are so good they will make you cry. This is made possible due to the love that she feels for her husband Lance. This is the same love that Joe and I feel for each other even after being together for 16 years. I was listening to it today while vacuuming and it made me cry with joy - happy that I too have someone so wonderful in my life to love. Buy it today and share it with the one that you love!!!!!!!!
Sara Hickman - Faithful Heart album notes

Buy Sara Hickman Music HERE

Monday, July 26, 2004

bada badadada monday monday

Awake at 8, out of the room at 8:30. I swear that we will get an early start on our grocery shopping today. Breakfast for everyone; Green Juice for me, some Green Juice and some granola with soy milk* for Giselle, breast milk for Paul, frosted mini-wheats with cow milk for Joe, frosted mini-wheats with cow milk and leftover pepperoni/gp/onion pizza for the dog. Did up the shopping list, wrote some checks to pay bills since today is the first mailing day after the 25th of the month, fed Paul a few more times, played some games on the computer with Giselle while Paul napped and didn't leave the house until noon! So much for the early start!
Went to Garden Ridge to find a box for Giselle to keep all of her special trinkets in. Got that and some silk azaleas for her to play with. Got out at 1 pm.
Went to Wheatsville and got our usual stuff and 4 bags of Spud Puppies (organic tater tots - they were on sale). Giselle and I shared a pint of organic blueberry sorbet while sitting in the back of the Odyssey, last week it was Mango! Pulled out of the parking lot at 3 pm
Came back South to our HEB to get the rest of our things and by the time we got out of there it was 4:30 pm.
Called Pumpkin Patch back to tell them that I didn't want the bike trailer that I put on hold on Saturday. I checked on eBay on Sunday and saw that I can get one in better condition for less money.
Put away the groceries. Put the fresh (from the farmers market on Sat) frozen peaches from the kitchen freezer into gallon bags and put them into the chest freezer in the garage/playroom. Opened the packages of Tofu Dogs (they were on sale too) and put them on a tray to freeze them individually for later consumption. Kept out one and cooked it up for Giselle for dinner, I had a Boca Burger.
Giselle watched one episode of The Planet's Funniest Animals and they went to bed at 8:30. I finished making Giselle's Treasure Box - Joe called me Martha Stewart because I was using a glue gun, I took it as a compliment. He's out seeing CatWoman with a friend right now.
Gotta run, I gotta eat some before I go to bed.

*we saw a comedian on TV recently who commented that soy milk should really be called soy juice since they don't have breasts and it isn't really milk. But he theorized that no one would buy it if it was called soy juice.

Sunday, July 25, 2004


We didn't go anywhere and didn't do anything.  Joe worked all day on computer networks and now all night on a truck.  Oh, we did go by the condo this evening and turned on the AC so that Mom & Dad won't melt when they get there on Tuesday.  And today was laundry day so we did that too.

Here's a list of the books that we currently have checked out of the library:

Tyrannosaurus Tex /, Birney, Betty G.  
Zagazoo /, Blake, Quentin. 
Quentin Blake's ABC /, Blake, Quentin. 
The market square dog /, Herriot, James
Smudge, the little lost lamb /, Herriot, James
Mrs. Armitage : queen of the road /, Blake, Quentin
Simpkin /, Blake, Quentin
Henry and Mudge and the starry night : the seventeenth book of their adventures /, Rylant, Cynthia
Tog the dog /, Hawkins, Colin
Zug the bug /, Hawkins, Colin
Henry and Mudge in puddle trouble : the second book of their adventures /, Rylant, Cynthia. 
The turnip /, Ziefert, Harriet. 
Three wishes /, Ziefert, Harriet
The day the dog said, "Cock-a-doodle doo!" /, McPhail, David M
Aunt Eater loves a mystery /, Cushman, Doug. 
Henry and Mudge and Mrs. Hopper's house : the twenty-second book of their adventures /, Rylant, Cynthia. 
Bayou lullaby /, Appelt, Kathi,
Bubba and Beau, best friends /, Appelt, Kathi
Bubba and Beau go night-night /, Appelt, Kathi,
Animals should definitely not wear clothing /, Barrett, Judi
Loveykins /, Blake, Quentin. 
All join in /, Blake, Quentin. 
Cockatoos /, Blake, Quentin
Mrs. Armitage and the big wave /, Blake, Quentin
Clown /, Blake, Quentin. 
The story of the dancing frog /, Blake, Quentin

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Who was the jerk that reported him in the first place?

Yahoo! News - Crocodile hunter Steve Irwin cleared of endangering wildlife in Antarctica
Yahoo! News - Crocodile hunter Steve Irwin cleared of endangering wildlife in Antarctica

Sabado Gigante (big saturday)

Up at 8:15 or so I think.  Fed Charlie and then fed ourselves. 
We left for the Westlake Farmers Market at 10:45 where we were to meet up with Suzi at about 11.  It took us longer than usual to find a parking spot so we didn't get to the appointed meeting spot until 11:20.  Suzi wasn't there yet and we missed the Circus Chicken Dog so we got a small bag of Kettle Corn (Giselle doesn't like it so it's all mine!) and went back to the entrance to see the collie puppies for sale.  We met Suzi on the way and proceeded to shop together.  We got our usual 8 lb bag of scratch n dent peaches for $6, 7 japanese eggplant for $3, a cup of lemonade since we were pretty hot and sweaty, and a jar of peach salsa.  We skipped the lemon/blueberry bread and the pickled beets and pickled okra this time around. 
We dropped by Taco Bell on the way home for some beans and rice and a bean & rice burrito and ate them at home.
Then we rushed out of the house to get to the Faulk Library downtown at 2 to see the final summer reading program family event for the summer: The Colors of Africa with Elizabeth Kahura.  Giselle even got up and participated in the dress-up portion.  Afterwards she showed me how to tie Paul up on my back in a modified sling hold.  We then combed the shelves for more books to read and ended up checking out about 12, mostly Quentin Blake and 'Henry & Mudge'.
Then we went back South to go to Joann Fabrics for the final weekend of their July sale.  On the way we dropped by Pumpkin Patch since they had a bike trailer out front that I wanted to price.  The kids were both asleep at this point but I still drove on down to the fabric store.  We got to the store about 4:30 and got out of there around 6:30 but got a lot of neat stuff!
We got home, made some pasta and ate it for dinner.  Joe ate a pepperoni/green peppers/onion pizza from Domino's (they just had their IPO this last week) and then ran off to work on a computer network for several hours (still gone now).  We then watched some Crocodile Hunter (or as Giselle refers to him 'the guy who catches alligators'), read a story and went to bed.  Paul fell asleep in my arms during TV time.  Since Giselle napped at 4 we had to stay up a bit later than usual.  Now for me to have my before-bed snack, read the paper and then join the kids in bed. 
Tomorrow we are supposed to go to a picnic but I don't know...

Friday, July 23, 2004

park day became a pool day

Today was a 9 am day. We played around some and ate breakfast and got ready for the park/pool. We got to Dittmar Park and Pool at 12:30 and met up with some of our friends to eat by the playground first. Kind of a lame playground. We hit the pool around 1:30 and by 3 one set of friends was leaving and another was arriving. We ended up staying at the pool until 5 and then Giselle played at the playground until 5:30 while I fed Paul. They both crashed on the way home, Paul right away and Giselle when we were only 2 miles from home. Giselle was so beat that she barely awoke when I carried her inside and she proceeded to sleep on the sofa until 7:15, Paul slept even longer but in my arms. Needless to say, our normal bedtime of 8 pm was put off due to the late nap. 9:45 is when they finally hit the hay. I had a bowl of cereal and some zucchini bread while reading the paper and am drinking yet another liter of water while I write this (I think that makes 5 for today). We caught some nice big squiggles for Charlie this morning while Paul sat in the grass in the back yard and watched the dog eat her frozen/raw chicken thigh.
Joe's done with his antibiotics and is now expectorating all the dead stuff - yuck!
Tomorrow is the Farmers Market!
A customer that didn't listen to Joe's instructions just showed up! At least she had cash.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Thursday already?

Another 8:30 day.  The kids swung in the front yard for a bit.  Giselle and I caught mosquito larvae in the back for a while while Paul napped, Charlie was quite happy.  Bagged up some frozen fresh okra for the winter.  Froze some mango slices for future smoothies (Belinskies).  Made a loaf of zucchini/carrot bread.  Paul and Giselle played with blocks together.  Paul has perfected going from his belly/on all 4's to a sit, still not really crawling - more like lunging.  Played in the sprinkler over at Juliana's for 4 hours.  Well not in the sprinkler for 4 hours but over at Juliana's for 4 hours.  They fed us zucchini bread that is superior to mine.  On the way home heard rumor of a coyote that is taking out neighborhood cats. 
Tomorrow is park day again, this week we are doing it at a different park that has a pool.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004


We woke up around 8:15, washed everyone's hair, sewed on a snap, got dressed and rushed off at 9:15 to see Sara at Symphony Square (that place smells like pee).  The show started at 10 but she didn't sing until 10:15 and was only allowed 20 min so she sang like only 5 songs.  We waited in line afterwards and got our hugs and kisses and sticker and a yellow bracelet - Sara loves Giselle and she gives her a trinket of some sort after every show.  Giselle did some gluing at a craft table and played with some real clay while Paul nursed and napped.  Giselle insisted on having beans and rice and eggs at a restaurant for lunch so we ate at Kerby Lane on South Lamar on the way home.  We relaxed for an hour or so then we had to go get Joe the Niquil that we forgot to get earlier.  We also swung by Goodwill to pay too much for some dress-up clothes for Giselle.  While at HEB Giselle spied a cow that she wanted and the price was right so we bought it (this time they gave me 3 Buddy Bucks for spending $10).  After we got home we met the neighbor's new dog, Archie, then ate dinner while reading yesterday's paper, changed into our bed clothes, read a story (tonight it was The Market Square Dog) and went to sleep at 8:45.  I got back up, ate a bowl of cereal, washed some dishes, fed the fish, got Paul out of bed 'cause he was hungry again and now here I am.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Where did the last 48 hours go?

I know we went grocery shopping yesterday at Wheatsville, Sam's and HEB (the loser checkout lady only gave me 2 Buddy Bucks for spending $40, they SHOULD give you 1 buck for every $10 you spend) but I can't seem to figure out what happened to the rest of the day. 
I read in the Wall Street Journal about Martha Stewart still having to serve 5 months of jail time and 5 months of in-house detention, she is so unfairly being made a scapegoat!  I'll bet that Ken Lay (of Enron infamy) will get less time than she did.
I bought some okra that I need to cut up and freeze and some more chicken thighs for the dog to freeze too but I seem to always have a sleeping baby in my arms.
This morning we went to a La Leche League meeting for moms of nursing toddlers in way far away northwest Austin - 25 miles each way.  It was a good meeting but I'm not going to do that drive again!  Fortunately they are starting one about 10 miles closer to us.
The 3 of us actually napped today and afterwards we went to go play at our friend's house in Dripping Springs for 4 hours.  We got home past bedtime, fortunately Anita fed us while we were at her house so dinner wasn't an issue.  Sophie is one year older than Giselle but they have so much fun together and they could pass for sisters, they look that similar.  They swam in the neighbor's pool, played with their dolls, dressed up in ballet dresses and danced around the house and played on Sophie's new playscape. 
Tomorrow morning we get to go see SARA!!!!   We LOVE Sara!!

Monday, July 19, 2004

spoiled dogs

One way to tell that your dog is spoiled rotten:  For breakfast you give her a bowl full of 3 pieces of leftover peperoni, green pepper & onion thick-crust pizza and a large serving of leftover chicken noodle soup and she only eats the pizza leaving all the noodles from the soup (Joe only eats soup when he is sick and now that he is on the mend he doesn't want any more).


So about a month ago Giselle, Paul and I were shopping at Walmart (I know I'm supposed to be boycotting it but they have items that I can't get anywhere else, no matter what the price).  Giselle wanted to go see the fish so we did and on a whim we bought a Betta (otherwise known as a Chinese Fighting Fish), she picked him out and named him Charlie.  He lives in a fish bowl and eats pellet fish food and live mosquito larvae (we call them squiggles for short).  Every morning we go outside and check my potted plant saucers for the larvae.  When we find some we suck them up with a large eyedropper and squirt them into a cup.  When we have about 10 - 20 we take them inside and feed them to Charlie.  He loves them and has gotten a little fat.  He looks fabulous!  They live about 2 or 3 years but there is no way of knowing how old he was when we got him so who knows how long he will last.  For once it's a good thing to find mosquito larvae in our pans of standing water!

Sunday, July 18, 2004

SCIFI.COM | Farscape

SCIFI.COM | Farscape
We here at Casa De Galletti are so excited that SciFi decided to complete the series! Looking forward to October!

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

So, for the second night in a row the kiddos went to sleep at 7:30, wow! 
Yesterday we hit the
fabric store in the afternoon and bought some dress materials since they are having their "Christmas in July" clearance sale.  We'll go back again and get more things when I remember to bring my 10% off coupon! 
This afternoon we went to a friend's 6 year birthday party, it started at 2 and we left at 6:30!  They live just around the corner so we drove the golf cart over, it's really handy for things like that!  There was one of those giant inflatable bouncey things and 2 large kiddie pools and bubbles and a pinata and snacks and cake.  I let Giselle have a small piece of cake, someone asked her if she liked it and she said 'no'.  All the candy that she grabbed up out of the pinata she said was for Daddy.  It's been sunny and hot every day for the last 2 weeks except for today, which actually worked out good - we didn't have to use sunscreen!  Joe is off seeing
'I, Robot' with some friends right now at the Alamo.
Oops, Paul is looking for me in the bed so I gotta run.........

Friday, July 16, 2004

Friday is Park Day

Joe has the cold that Giselle, Paul and I had last week except that his is worse so he went to the doctor today and got some antibiotics.  We went to the park as we usually do on Fridays, unfortunately none of our friends went.  After 3 hours of playing we headed to the pool and played there for 2 more hours.  Paul had a blast playing in the rocks and he only tried to eat the leaves.  Joe made a special trip to the shop to fill the tires on Giselle's bike but she didn't ride it today afterall.  Tomorrow is the Westlake Farmers Market but we only go every other week so we won't be going tomorrow.  Instead we will go to HEB to get more chicken soup, croissants and roast beef for my sick Honey.

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